Mirusia Louwerse's This Time Tomorrow album ranks number one

BIRKDALE woman Mirusia Louwerse is celebrating the success of her album This Time Tomorrow  which has ranked number one on the weekly Aria charts.

While the soprano is no stranger to musical accomplishment, the 31-year-old said she was delighted her CD had made top position in the classical / crossover genre.

“It is a really big deal for me,” she said.  “It is like my baby.”

The CD, produced by Ms Louwerse in partnership with James Kempster, has spent the past 27 weeks on the Aria charts following its release in April last year, she said.

It jumped up to the number one spot late last month and has stayed near the top ever since. 

Ms Louwerse said she believed the spike, due to an increase in album sales, was thanks to her almost completed This Time Tomorrow world tour, which has seen her travel to about 45 cities across the globe since 2015.

The success of her album has not been in isolation, with Ms Louwerse’s This Time Tomorrow musical DVD also also ranked for the past 30 weeks against all genres including pop.

Ms Louwerse said the This Time Tomorrow DVD had gone “up and down” on the Aria charts – it currently sits at number seven, behind Andre Rieu, George Michael, an Australian top-tracks compilation and 60’s Jukebox disc.

With only two performances left to go for the This Time Tomorrow tour in Sydney late next week, Ms Louwerse said she was saddened about its finish but excited about her upcoming engagements.

The singer is booked to travel to the Netherlands in March for the beginning of a new tour called From The Heart, which will include a fresh repertoire of songs with a few well-known Dutch tunes included for the audience.

“It is a new show, but the genre remains the same,” she said.


This Article appeared in the Redland City Bulletin