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Concert Review - This Time Tomorrow

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This review is written about Mirusia's concert in Veenendaal, The Netherlands on 7th April, 2016.

You can read the original review in Dutch here:


Yesterday I visited the "Angel of Australia", as Andre Rieu calls her, in our own city of Veenendaal: Mirusia Louwerse.

She is one of the top soloists in Rieu's concerts, but this is already her third solo tour attacting the world audience. Yesterday I enjoyed her concert from the front row of the theater Lampegiet and it was beautiful!

This tour has been given the name of 'This Time Tomorrow'. Inspired by the phrase "this time tomorrow ...", which often follows a positive thought, she gives us hope for a better future. And if you look at the enchanting Mirusia and listen, you just forget everything around you. In the program, she says "I hope that This Time Tomorrow, you remember this beautiful evening we shared together with a smile." Well Mirusia, that we will do for a very long time!

irusia brings down all the stars from heaven with her voice on her third solo tour. In the beautiful "Don't cry for me Argentina" for example, and one of my favorites "Wishing you were somehow here again". But also very fragile and intimate songs come along, such as "He was beautiful"  which she sings guided mainly by her guitarist Martijn Buijnsters. And Martijn is not the ony one Miruais shares the stage with. Very special is Lithuanian Giedrė Mundinaitė-Leenhouwers who played the violin in a way you rarely see. It is not for nothing that she is also one of the violinists in the orchestra of André Rieu himself. Mirusia also brought along some young talent from her homeland. The 17-year old Keiarn Chesebro and the 18-year-old Shannon Robinson who here and there swapped their roles as backing vocalists to move into the spotlight to show what they have to offer. And Youri Wystyrk, with whom Mirusia has been married since last year, we see regularly on stage as part of the crew. Wherein Mirusia jokes that he gets the most applause ...

With the whole theme of hope for tomorrow which is very appropriate, there has to be an official end to the concert of Mirusia in Veenendaal. But thanks to our loud applause, we knew how to get her arranger and pianist Graeme Press to fetch Mirusia back on stage for several encores, sometimes sitting on the edge of the stage she comes near to her fans and sings some very beautiful songs . Including the oh so beautiful "Ave Maria". I do not understand the words and I am not Catholic, but the way the angelic Mirusia sings this song, with fragility, it is hard to keep your eyes dry. ... With a last song: Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Memory", a song which for Jacqueline and I has a special meaning. It is the most famous song from the musical Cats where we went to on our honeymoon. Originally sung by Elaine Paige and covered by singers like Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion, this was the best, the best, version I have ever heard. The voice control Mirusia has, it's range ... Unparalleled! A relief to my ears from all those "singers" who scream especially hard ... and who need an earpiece to hear the music. But yes, I am perhaps biased ... enchanted by the beauty of Mirusia's voice and appearance.

Thanks Mirusia, you have given us "hope for a better tomorrow"!