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My first ever Christmas Album came out today! It is called 'Christmas Memories' and features a collection of songs that remind me of so many of my special memories at Christmas time. There are so many people that contributed to this album and I just wanted to write a little appreciation post to thank you all for your love, support and incredible hard work over the last few months.

I wanted to create an album that was easy to listen to, an album that can be put on in the background at Christmas dinner, or whilst sharing special times together with family and friends. There are so many big, loud, *high* Christmas ballads and I chose not to record these big robust songs on purpose because no-one needs yet another soprano screaming high notes at them at Christmas. Instead I took traditional Christmas songs, and some new ones too, and made them easy to listen to (clearly I am in my 30's now...Easy Listening...) and put my own spin on them together with producers David Cameron and Pete Dacy. The result is a sparkling album full of memories, and each song has it's own story associated with it. (You can read these in the CD booklet!)

I really wanted the album to have some Aussie flavour, so I invited Denis Walter OAM and Luke Kennedy to sing duets with me on the album. Their incredible voices bring so much charm to this album. Denis joins me on the song 'Little Drummer Boy' and his perfect baritone voice is a delight to the ears. Denis has been so supportive of my career for such a long time and I am so blessed he agreed to sing with me. Luke and I were given permission by Rick Price, a wonderful Queensland singer songwriter who I have loved listening to since the 90s, to record his song 'The Magic of Christmas Time'. Luke and I had a lot of fun in studio recording this song and really making it our own, and I am sure you will agree with me that Luke's voice is pure magic.

When Robert Rigby (Ambition/Sony Music Australia) approached me to record a Christmas album, I became really excited because it had been a dream of mine since I was a young girl. One of his many initial song suggestions was a song I had never heard before called 'Christmas Lullaby', originally recorded by Barbra Streisand. The first time I heard it and read the lyrics I was really emotional. As you all know Youri and my daughter, Sascha, was born in December 2017, and she really is our little Christmas angel. So therefore this song is dedicated to her, and when you listen to the lyrics I am sure you will understand why.

Being in studio is a very different experience to performing on stage, and personally I find performing on stage is easier for me! I have the most incredible sound engineer in Geoff McGahan, we have been working together now for 13 years and he really knows my voice and how it works. We spent two and a half days in studio together recording the vocals on this album and because of his dedication and love for this project, we flew through the tracks and even had time for lovely lunches, lots of laughs and catching up. (If you are on Instagram you might have seen our silly posts!)

My memories of Christmas take me around the world and I wanted the album to have an international flair to it so the songs are not only in English but also in German, French, Latin and even Dutch. My career has taken me to so many wonderful places and especially at Christmas time, so I wanted to share some of these memories with you.

I hope you will enjoy this album with all your heart and even though it is a little early I want to wish you all a very merry Christmas. x